Educational experiences

The magic and the emotions that we experienxe when savoring natural food are sensations oten forgotten among adults and a new discover among children. Ca' Rapulin organizes learning opportunities and educational walks involving games and natural excursions. 

  • Esperienze didattiche.

Walks and Workshops

Guests can walk the Walk of the vineyard and the Walk of the hazelnut.

Culinary workshops use our teaching kitchen to create and appreciate authentic dishes and wines from Piemonte.


  • Percorsi e laboratori.
  • Percorsi e laboratori.

Truffle search

Experience the excitement of truffle searching. We organize special excursions in local growing areas in collaboration with our truffle partners. You will be accompanied by the trifolau (the truffle searcher) and his faithful four legged companion, the tabui (the truffle dog).



  • La ricerca del tartufo.

Local festivals

The numerous local fairs and festivals are the perfect occasion for discover the territory, taste the wines and the local products.
Meet and enjoy our traditions in our historic reenactments.
  • Le feste locali.
  • Le feste locali.

Nordic Walking

The Nordic Walking is an outside sport, it helps your heart and flow of blood, it provides benefits in muscular strenght for triceps, biceps, shoulder, back, abdominals and gluteus.
It seems to be a miracle, but it is not.
Nordic Walking in a new sport, spreading all over the world, that can be enjoyed both by non-athlets and athlets every time of the year.
An easy, cheap and funny way to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Nordic Walking.


The e-bike is bycicle with an integrated electric motor that assist the rider's pedal-power.

We are associated with Itaway.

  • E-bike.


With the word yoga we usually refer to a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices from ancient India.
It is a way to achieve self fulfillment and freedom of the spirit; in the West, Yoga is seen as a techniques of controlling the body and the mind.
the benefits are clear and they can help people in many different ways, especially if in common with the relax and the stunning views of our hills.
  • Yoga.


Pilates improves flecibility, fluency and balance of the body. The aim is to let people increase self awareness and more control on their own body and mind

  • Pilates.